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Internet Forums: An Imperfect Example of Informal Learning

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This 15 minute video was recreated from a webinar Simone Fary presented as part of her masters program in instructional design. It covers: - Formal versus informal learning - Internet forum definition and features - History - Pros and cons for learning - Spotlight on the “d-word” - a successful internet forum


Cultural Orientation Online Certification Course

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I researched, wrote, designed, and developed this series of nine lessons for an online learning certification course for Cultural Orientation providers, using Articulate Storyline , Photoshop, Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. Topics covered are an overview of United States Refugee Admissions Program, working with interpreters and adult learning theory.  I also installed and manage LearnDash, a Wordpress-based LMS (learning management system) to administer the quizzes, track completion, and award certificates.


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The Trust Edge

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I worked with a team and Horsager Leadership to convert this valuable resource into a "Trust Edge in a Box" for smaller companies and non-profit organizations. It will be geared towards those without previous training or facilitation experience. I served in multiple categories including project manager, instructional designer, writer and editor.


Building Respect and Dignity for LGBT Older Americans


Simone worked with a video producer, video editor, web developer and subject matter experts to create this one hour online training in Captivate 7 for The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Aging Center and HHS (The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). It is geared towards long term care workers to raise awareness of the special concerns of the increasing number of LGBT older adults. She used her writing, research, editing, photoshop and project management skills in the process. You can click here to view it (the clients requires you provide an email address, but will not use your email for marketing purposes).


American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals

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Is there really a “Red America” and a “Blue America”? American Feud invites the audiences to reconsider the history of two words and imagine a new future beyond Liberalism and Conservatism. Originally released in 2008, the new updated version features commentary by Norman Ornstein, Co-Author of It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism. Individuals can rent it on Amazon. Libraries and schools, please click here to purchase a licensed DVD version.  DVD EXTRAS: Remedies for Dysfunction, Tribalism Exhibit B, Thomas Frank on Kansas We are pleased to offer a free Educator's Guide upon request. Screenings of American Feud have always been lively and engaging events. We would be delighted to work with your organization to arrange one. Schedule a presentation or skype chat with the filmmakers. . . . American Feud offers an insightful and refreshingly unbiased review of how we got to where we are in the political divide. Using a chronological theme ranging from the formation of our country up to the results of the 2006 general election, the film traces the development and evolution of the divergent political philosophies of conservatism and liberalism. The producers have utilized a variety of clear interviews with historians and other observers of our unique system (Noam Chomsky, G. Gordon Liddy, Donna Brazile, and many others), crisp graphics, a remarkable collection of archival photos and live-action footage, and a smooth narration to present this impressive program. Viewers effortlessly follow the sequence of both international and domestic events which affected the electorate. Commentary includes the philosophies from [...]