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Getting your film into the classroom (and other educational settings)

Part 1. Introduction Making an independent documentary involves many decisions. The filmmaker should really think through what they want the documentary to accomplish before they start shooting. If the documentary might be used in the classroom or other educational setting, then planning for the educational market should be integrated into all phases of production. As filmmakers ourselves, we at NerdsMakeMedia understand how overwhelming independent documentary [...]

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Documentary Film in Adult Education Myriad Uses, Myriad Possibilities

Introduction This paper will first clarify what “documentary” and “adult learner” mean. Then it will speak generally of what the adult learner’s’ educational needs are and what makes documentary film a useful tool for meeting these needs. It will then focus on the specific areas where documentary is used, including the university, the workplace, the community and the home. What is a “documentary”? I have [...]

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On “Millennials” and e-books

Recently the Washington Post featured a story on how Millennials actually prefer print to digital reading. I thought is was an interesting article that made some relevant points. I too prefer reading something on paper, finding sitting down with a printed book or document both easier to absorb and less distracting. The point of the textbook industry trying to push the e-books for their own financial motivations also [...]

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The “D-Word” – a role model for online communities of practice

In the training world we often hear "communities of practice" or "learning communities" touted as a more effective method of "just in time" learning and mentoring. Yet very few organizations have figured out how to successfully create one that will last. Outside of a few education focused ones like "edutopia" most seem to languish, with very sparse attendance or contributions. Instructional design has been no [...]

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Good summary about the limitations of online learning

Facebook somehow actually figured out something I'd be interested in recently - KQED's Mindshift Blog.  Recently they wrote a great post about the problem with MOOCs. I've repeatedly said that by $1500 3 credit course in "Adult Learning Theory" at UMBC could have been boiled down to one word: "motivation" It makes me wonder if the ideal scenario for most learning is a flipped model [...]

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