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Project Description

Simone conceived of and project managed this mobile application (for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and the Kindle Fire) with the invaluable help of developers Neha Kamra and Vincent Calvanese and graphic designer Heather Tate. Its function is to educate and bring awareness about the Adverse Child Experiences study. This study provides conclusive evidence of the lasting health consequences of childhood trauma. Read more about in an article about the app here.


Amazon Customer Review:

Most of us who have grown up in dysfunction realize it hinders us somewhat in our adult life, but if you’ve never gotten professional help you attribute life’s problems to other circumstances. This app, although not a full-fledged psychological inventory gives you a remarkable insight into just how childhood dysfunction has an effect in your adult life. Thanks for caring enough about your fellow man to offer this free insightful tool.

The app is going to make for a giant leap! I can’t wait to get it and be able to share with people more easily. Keep up the great work!