Sensei Fran Kicks “A” (working title)

//Sensei Fran Kicks “A” (working title)
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Project Description

Sensei Fran Vall is a 79 year-old master teacher with a 6th degree black belt in the Japanese martial arts of Judo and Naginata. In addition, she is a highly credentialed ski and snowboard instructor who specializes in teaching the blind, developmentally disabled and those with fears.

Also an avid dancer and Shiatsu massage practioner, Fran became proficient in all these disciplines during her career in the Foreign Service, living in places such as Japan, Afghanistan and the Sudan. This short documentary portrait introduces us to a very active, yet humble senior citizen who is bubbling with enthusiasm about learning, teaching, and living life to its fullest.

Status:  Principle interviews and b-roll complete.  Simone is editing in Final Cut Pro X.

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