The Life of Cheng Se Tseo in His Own Words

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The Life of Cheng Se Tseo in His Own Words 2015-10-26T23:50:32+00:00

Project Description

This was Simone’s first documentary. She researched, produced and edited it.  She also created the WordPress website.  It is the story of her old friend Dr. Cheng Se Tseo, who was born in rural Southern China around 1904.  In his early years he defeated an opium addiction, served in Chang Kai Shek’s Nationalist Army, earned a PhD in the United States and was a sailor in the American Navy during World War II.  He returned to China in the chaos of the post war years but had to flee the country again as the Communists came to power.  He spent the last decades of his life creating beautiful pottery.  Told in his own words, this documentary presents a man who has experienced much of the 20th century’s history.

This film:

  •  Aired several times on WPSX (a PBS affiliate that reaches over 500,000 households in PA and New York State)
  •  Aired on WBYE (an independent, member-supported Philadelphia based public TV station)