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American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals

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Is there really a “Red America” and a “Blue America”? American Feud invites the audiences to reconsider the history of two words and imagine a new future beyond Liberalism and Conservatism. Originally released in 2008, the new updated version features commentary by Norman Ornstein, Co-Author of It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism. Individuals can rent it on Amazon. Libraries and schools, please click here to purchase a licensed DVD version.  DVD EXTRAS: Remedies for Dysfunction, Tribalism Exhibit B, Thomas Frank on Kansas We are pleased to offer a free Educator's Guide upon request. Screenings of American Feud have always been lively and engaging events. We would be delighted to work with your organization to arrange one. Schedule a presentation or skype chat with the filmmakers. . . . American Feud offers an insightful and refreshingly unbiased review of how we got to where we are in the political divide. Using a chronological theme ranging from the formation of our country up to the results of the 2006 general election, the film traces the development and evolution of the divergent political philosophies of conservatism and liberalism. The producers have utilized a variety of clear interviews with historians and other observers of our unique system (Noam Chomsky, G. Gordon Liddy, Donna Brazile, and many others), crisp graphics, a remarkable collection of archival photos and live-action footage, and a smooth narration to present this impressive program. Viewers effortlessly follow the sequence of both international and domestic events which affected the electorate. Commentary includes the philosophies from [...]

Sensei Fran Kicks “A” (working title)


Sensei Fran Vall is a 79 year-old master teacher with a 6th degree black belt in the Japanese martial arts of Judo and Naginata. In addition, she is a highly credentialed ski and snowboard instructor who specializes in teaching the blind, developmentally disabled and those with fears. Also an avid dancer and Shiatsu massage practioner, Fran became proficient in all these disciplines during her career in the Foreign Service, living in places such as Japan, Afghanistan and the Sudan. This short documentary portrait introduces us to a very active, yet humble senior citizen who is bubbling with enthusiasm about learning, teaching, and living life to its fullest. Status:  Principle interviews and b-roll complete.  Simone is editing in Final Cut Pro X.

American Artifacts


American Artifacts are 30 minute documentaries that air on C-SPAN's American History TV. Richard has researched, produced, shot, and edited over 100 of them. Here are some more samples: American Artifacts Preview: Smithsonian 9/11 Collections & Curators American Artifacts Preview: Clara Barton's Missing Soldiers Office American Artifacts Preview: Early Motion Pictures - Library of Congress "Paper Prints"     

The Life of Cheng Se Tseo in His Own Words



This was Simone's first documentary. She researched, produced and edited it.  She also created the Wordpress website.  It is the story of her old friend Dr. Cheng Se Tseo, who was born in rural Southern China around 1904.  In his early years he defeated an opium addiction, served in Chang Kai Shek’s Nationalist Army, earned a PhD in the United States and was a sailor in the American Navy during World War II.  He returned to China in the chaos of the post war years but had to flee the country again as the Communists came to power.  He spent the last decades of his life creating beautiful pottery.  Told in his own words, this documentary presents a man who has experienced much of the 20th century’s history. This film:  Aired several times on WPSX (a PBS affiliate that reaches over 500,000 households in PA and New York State)  Aired on WBYE (an independent, member-supported Philadelphia based public TV station)

Confounding Father: A Contrarian Look at the U.S. Constitution


A timely critique of the U.S. political system from the viewpoint of the anti-federalists, featuring Luther Martin, a Maryland delegate to the constitutional convention who: Feared the executive would be a virtual king and far too powerful Thought many framers of the constitution were seeking an American empire - he did not Opposed the continuation of  the slave trade and the three-fifths clause Learn how the anti-federalists, not the framers, were responsible for the Bill of Rights. Part two in our trilogy on American Political History.

The Fall of the Elephant: The 1992 Republican National Convention


Zaniness inside & outside the Houston Astrodome when George H.W. Bush was nominated to run for a second term. Richard shot and edited this documentary in his spare time while working for C-SPAN. The views in this work represent his own; and are not affiliated with C-SPAN. The documentary contrasts activity inside the convention with activity in the official protest area, and includes animation sequences. It was an official selection of the 1993 New York Independent Film & Video Festival and the Brussels, Belgium International Film & Video Festival.

Educational Strategy for Documentary Film White Paper and Presentation

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This Prezi presentation discusses the findings of NerdsMakeMedia's White Paper Getting Your Film into the Classroom (and Other Educational Settings), as well as our first two Educator's Guides. Click here to receive a copy of the White Paper Click here to download a copy of the Educator's Guide for The Life of Cheng Se Tseo in his own Words Click here to receive a copy of Educator's Guide for American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals