Internet Forums: An Imperfect Example of Informal Learning

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This 15 minute video was recreated from a webinar Simone Fary presented as part of her masters program in instructional design. It covers: - Formal versus informal learning - Internet forum definition and features - History - Pros and cons for learning - Spotlight on the “d-word” - a successful internet forum

Finding and Using Free Images

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Simone created this interactive module in Captivate because she felt that many people don't adequately understand copyright and fair use. This module shares some of the many resources where one can obtain high quality images legally, with respect for the intellectual property rights of others. Click here to view it. She also delivered a webinar about the topic to the Maryland ATD, which can be viewed by clicking here.

An Introduction to Residential Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps

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"Clear and Concise guide - A great starter reference for anyone interested in pursuing this option. Clearly written and straight forward with the types of systems now available to consumers." - Apple Customer Review Did you know that ground source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your family home? Did you know these “geothermal” systems are among the most energy and cost-efficient heating and cooling systems available today? Learn more in this informative ebook created as an introduction to the technology for homes or businesses. It contains many helpful images and videos that describe how geothermal systems operate and can help you decide whether this exciting new technology is a viable option for you. An Introduction to Residential Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps: A Cost Saving Green Technology for Heating and Cooling is available for free on the iPad by clicking here. Those without an iPad can click here to download a PDF version. Chapters Introduction Chapter 1 - Financial considerations and environmental benefits Chapter 2 - What exactly is “geothermal”? Chapter 3 - How can geothermal energy heat and cool an individual building? Chapter 4 - Where do all those pipes go? Chapter 5 - Geothermal versus conventional? Chapter 6 - Geothermal versus solar? Chapter 7 - Will geothermal work for my particular building? Chapter 8 - How do I choose a contractor? Chapter 9 - How about a case study? Chapter 10 – Share your thoughts Chapter 11 - Where can I learn more? Chapter 12 - Acknowledgements Thanks to Larry Kaufman for sharing his "Choosing a quality contractor checklist" available for download here. Save [...]

Educational Strategy for Documentary Film White Paper and Presentation

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This Prezi presentation discusses the findings of NerdsMakeMedia's White Paper Getting Your Film into the Classroom (and Other Educational Settings), as well as our first two Educator's Guides. Click here to receive a copy of the White Paper Click here to download a copy of the Educator's Guide for The Life of Cheng Se Tseo in his own Words Click here to receive a copy of Educator's Guide for American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals