We created The Adverse Childhood Experiences mobile app. In addition Simone has given presentations on using mobile technology for mental health education, reviewed mobile apps for mental health, and received certificates for various User Interaction Design classes through Lynda.com.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Mobile App

Simone conceived of and managed the development of this mobile application (for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and the Kindle Fire) working with a graphic artist and Android and iOS developers. It brings awareness about the long-term impact of adverse child experiences.

Amazon Customer Review:

. . . This app, although not a full-fledged psychological inventory gives you a remarkable insight into just how childhood dysfunction has an effect in your adult life. Thanks for caring enough about your fellow man to offer this free insightful tool.


The app is going to make for a giant leap! I can’t wait to get it and be able to share with people more easily. Keep up the great work!

Adverse Childhood Experiences Mobile App sample screen

Adverse Childhood Experiences Mobile App sample screen

Is There Really "An App For That"?

Web version of a presentation Simone gave in to the National Network of the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network in 2013. In it she demonstrates what she was able to do with mobile technology with limited resources, including books for the iPad and her first mobile app.

Mobile Apps for Behavioral Healthcare Workers

It was Simone's initiative to review mobile apps for possible use by the behavioral health workforce for the Danya Institute's newsletter and website. She coordinated the work of volunteer reviewers, in addition to writing some herself.