American Feud:  A History of Conservatives and Liberals

American Feud:  A History of Conservatives and Liberals is the only non-partisan classroom friendly documentary that traces the American story of liberalism and conservatism featuring voices from many perspectives. It invites the audience to take a collective look in the mirror & journey through the shifting U.S. history of words and ideas that divide America. Revised, updated and re-released in 2017, the new version explores the problem of dysfunctional government in light of a liberalism and conservatism that have become increasingly incoherent.


Only individuals can rent it on Amazon for personal home use. Others please visit our shop to purchase a licensed DVD and/or digital site license. Extras include bonus content, a transcript, and an Educator’s Guide.


We encourage non-profits devoted to civic engagement to use American Feud as a tool for discussion and civic education. As a public service we will work with chapters of the League of Women Voters to screen it a nominal cost.

American Feud engendered a frank and open discussion of the challenges we face as individuals, as well as the role of the League in maintaining our commitment to being a nonpartisan activist group with a passion for encouraging voter engagement and education. Additionally, for those Leagues who are able to work with high schools, a screening of American Feud would be a terrific student or student and parents event. - K. C., League of Women Voters, Washington DC Chapter

Skype and In-Person Presentations with the Filmmakers

Screenings of American Feud have always been lively and engaging events. We would be delighted to work with your organization to arrange one. Schedule a presentation or skype chat with the filmmakers.


  • Noam Chomsky

  • Howard Zinn

  • G. Jordan Liddy

  • Mona Charen

  • Thomas Frank

  • Kevin Phillips

  • Donna Brazile

  • Norman Ornstein

  • Michael Barone

  • David Boaz

  • Michael Kazin

  • Lee Edwards

  • Adrian Wooldridge

  • David Stoesz


Dwain Thomas – School Library

. . . American Feud offers an insightful and refreshingly unbiased review of how we got to where we are in the political divide. Using a chronological theme ranging from the formation of our country up to the results of the 2006 general election, the film traces the development and evolution of the divergent political philosophies of conservatism and liberalism. The producers have utilized a variety of clear interviews with historians and other observers of our unique system (Noam Chomsky, G. Gordon Liddy, Donna Brazile, and many others), crisp graphics, a remarkable collection of archival photos and live-action footage, and a smooth narration to present this impressive program. Viewers effortlessly follow the sequence of both international and domestic events which affected the electorate. Commentary includes the philosophies from all aspects of the political spectrum and does so in a wonderfully nonjudgemental manner. Viewers are left with a challenge to consider what our country’s collective future holds in the political arena. . . . Classroom teachers as well as individual researchers will appreciate the chapter selection option and the number of extras included in this useful title.


. . . This documentary provides a balanced introduction to American conservative and liberal movements . . .The commentators provide a good mix of praise and criticism on both sides of the argument. . . The overall production quality is quite good . . Recommended for all viewers with political leanings.

Victor Valdiva –

. . . American Feud is a surprisingly entertaining and informative documentary about political history that treats both sides fairly, gives some interesting historical detail, and manages to rope in some intellectual heavyweights on both sides of the spectrum. In fact, it’s a lot better than most of the political content you’re likely to see on any of the 24-hour news networks this year. . . In the end, American Feud isn’t just an exploration of two well-entrenched political ideologies, but an argument that maybe it’s time to search for a new path. Not just one that’s in the middle, but one that incorporates ideas from both while addressing the unique challenges of this millennium. Of course, it’s hard to find a new path unless you understand the one you’ve been on, and American Feud explains that while being both witty and informative, and, best of all, genuinely impartial. Whatever your political persuasion, American Feud is highly recommended.

Carol Holzberg – BOOKLIST

. . . Political cartoons, wacky special sound effects, and the antics of donkey and elephant mascots inject a humorous touch into this evenhanded topical history. 


. . . This documentary points out the absurdities of today’s “tribal definitions” by showing examples of hypocrisy and misunderstanding of popular political catchphrases throughout American history . . . “American Feud” effectively dismantles our outdated political definitions without becoming a preachy lecture on language. . . .

Barbara’s Byline – POLITICS – PROSE.COM

. . . American Feud offers an informative and entertaining ninty minutes of pondering where the differences lie, and it will be a unique gift for anyone on your list boning up on Democrats and Republicans in the American political landscape.

Marcus Raskin – co-founder, Institute for Policy Studies

“This is a very lively and provocative examination of political labels in American life and how they conceal as much as they reveal. It’s a real contribution to public understanding.”.

Ralph Peters – columnist and author of Looking For Trouble, Adventures in a Broken World

“I began watching this with trepidation and ended in jubilation. This wonderful talkumentary is a scrupulously non-partisan, yet tough-minded celebration of democracy and a delightfully fiendish counterattack on the cant delivered from sides of the political spectrum. What’s most striking about the film is how the better souls on both the left and right emerge as kindred spirits. Frequently hilarious, always honest, and very highly recommended!”

Donald T. Critchlow, Professor of History, Saint Louis University, Editor, Journal of Policy History, General Editor, Cambridge Essential Histories (CUP), Senior Scholar, Center for Social Philosophy and Policy, Bowling Green State University

“I enjoyed your video, American Feud, greatly. I think it will find great use in high school classes. It is entertaining, balanced, and informative.”

Eric Liu, co-author of “The True Patriot”

“This is a feud you want to get in the middle of. Richard Hall has produced an accessible, wide-ranging review of how and why we came to use the labels “Liberal” and “Conservative” — and what Americans can do to get beyond them.”

Morris P. Fiorina, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University, Author, Culture War: The Myth of a Polarized America.

“American Feud is a very nicely done production that will be useful in secondary school courses on history, social studies and American government. Clear, comprehensive and even-handed, different portions of the documentary can serve as starting points for discussions of myriad topics in history, philosophy, economics and government.”

Previous Screenings:

  • September 2019, Patrick Henry Library, Vienna, VA

  • June 2019, Owings Mills Library, Owings Mills, MD

  • January 2019, Charles E. Beatley Jr. Central Library, Alexandria, VA

  • March 2019, Washington DC Chapter, League of Women Voters

  • April 2019, Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • October 2018, Silver Spring Civic Center, Silver Spring MD

2008 Version

  • Blue Elephant Art Gallery, Frederick Maryland

  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

  • Utopia Film Festival

  • Twin Rivers Film Festival

  • Takoma Park Film Festival

  • Alexandria Virginia Public Library

  • We are Takoma series

  • Americans for Tax Reform