Welcome to An Introduction To Residential Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps - A Cost Saving Green Technology For Heating And Cooling

by Simone Fary and Jackie Fary-Moeller

Did you know that ground source heat pumps (known as geothermal) are among the most energy and cost-efficient heating and cooling systems available today? If more people used such systems it would greatly reduce our consumption of energy and dependence on foreign oil.

Geothermal has been neglected compared to other green technologies that are easier to see and understand. We at Nerdsmakemedia seek to help consumers understand geothermal by explaining it in a straight-forward way, suitable for the average homeowner. Our first step was to create a free interactive iPad book called An Introduction to Residential Ground Source Heat Pumps. This companion website presents much of the same information for those who don’t have an iPad. Please share what you’ve learned and help spread the word.

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This website was created in memory of our beloved late father/father-in-law/grandfather James Fary.