Learning Engagement Platforms

One participant introduced the concept of a learning engagement platform – not an LMS that requires highly skilled administrators to create and update courses, which is usually quite time-consuming. I’d be curious to hear from somebody who actually saw an effective one in use. I truly believe that the highest level of mastery of a subject is to be able to teach it. However, I would worry about the quality, and also any possible viewpoint that the work of instructional designers can be easily replaced.

According to elearningindustry.com:

. .  . the Learning Engagement Platform is designed to allow anyone to create course material and launch a training course in a very short amount of time with little to no training because the LEP includes an integrated cloud-based authoring tool. We’re talking Operations Managers, Sales Reps, Front Of House Staff, and Chief Baristas: anyone in your organization who has expert knowledge will be given chance to share their knowledge and shine. Those best suited for creating these trainings will finally be empowered to do so, without being limited by the chain of command or time constraints of the past. . . . The LEP was created to be used in conjunction with an LMS, not instead of. Learning Engagement Platforms are designed to integrate with existing LMSs so that none of your existing content is gone to waste. The combination of the two will allow for your existing process to remain in place while enabling your internal Subject Matter Experts to begin initiating elective training simultaneously.