We have created interactive iBooks with embedded videos, and brought new audiences to print publications by converting them into eBooks. 

An Introduction to Residential Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps

Interactive iPad book with embedded videos created and co-written by Simone. Available for free on the iPad by clicking here. Those without an iPad can click here to download a PDF version.

“Clear and Concise guide – A great starter reference for anyone interested in pursuing this option. Clearly written and straight forward with the types of systems now available to consumers.” – Apple Customer Review

Sample page from iPad book

Sample page from iPad book

Behavioral Health Video Reviews for Educators

Interactive iPad book with embedded videos. Simone conceived of this overview, wrote some of the reviews and coordinated the work of other writers, graphic designers and quality control testers.


Simone created these four eBooks from existing print publications, bringing awareness of the Dayna Institute and its works to hundreds of new stakeholders (as evidence by analytics of downloads).